Some new ideas

I had a nice long conversation today with Max Barrass, an Expert Enterprise Architect in Victoria Australia. He is working to understand his own concepts of enterprise and following in the same kinds of efforts that I did when creating the EBMM. It was a great conversation and one that I hope Max can use as he builds his model and his understanding.

I encourage anyone, whether an Enterprise Architect or not, to do the same thing. Take the terms and ideas that you use, and your employer or clients use, and create a metamodel. Try to understand the relationships between them and how they can be used to describe things. Your knowledge grows far more by creating your own model than reading mine, even if we end up at the same place.

Remember that the EBMM is open source. If you want to create a model derived from the EBMM, or a software product, or an analysis tool, go ahead. I’d appreciate credit but no other benefits need flow. This model is for all of us.

Max did point out that his stakeholders care about customer journeys, something that I did not include in the EBMM. I would tie the customer journey with the value proposition in the business model and with scenarios that compose a series of business processes that the customer interacts with. Let’s see what Max comes up with.