This set of terms are related to the concerns of architects who need to relate other key concepts to value streams and value chains. Many of the terms relevant to this area are shared terms, and appear in that list instead.

The value chain viewpoint focuses on the environment outside of an enterprise and how that environment interacts with the key processes within an organization to deliver value.

Value Chain

A value chain is a term used to refer to a model of value streams related to a single enterprise.  Defined by Michael Porter, a value chain breaks out the various value streams into categories.  A value chain typically divides value streams into two types: core and supporting.

Value Stream

A value stream is a sequence of business processes the boundaries of which are typically defined by business transactions.  They represent end-to-end sequences such as “order to cash” or “idea to available product.”

Value System

A value system is a model illustrating the interactions of value streams in one or more suppliers, the value chain(s) of the enterprise itself, and the downstream channel partners all the way to the consumer of the enterprise’ goods.