This set of terms are related to the concerns of architects who need to relate other key concepts to business services and offerings (including IT services). Many of the terms relevant to this area are shared terms, and appear in that list instead. A few of the terms in the EITA area are relevant to this area as well.

The service management view brings into context the additional elements of a service level agreement, and the taxonomies of business processes and capabilities.  This is useful for stakeholders involved in planning and management of business services.

Business Capability Taxonomy

A business capability taxonomy is an ordered hierarchy of business capabilities, structured in a manner that makes sense to the stakeholders, and used to create associations between capabilities and business units.

Business Process Taxonomy

A business process taxonomy is an ordered hierarchy of business processes where each level down the hierarchy is thought to include a more detailed description of each element in the upper hierarchy.  The top levels of the taxonomy are often unordered groups where no clear sequence exists between the sub-processes contained within it.

Business Service

A collection of business capabilities, offered as the external offerings of a single business unit, and made available to one or more customers.  The customers may be internal (within the enterprise) or external.