The Enterprise Business Motivation Model is quite large, making it difficult for many folks to use it.  This is a normal problem with a metamodel and one that I address by providing various “views” on the full metamodel.  Each view was created for a specific purpose (although it can be difficult, now, to explain each purpose).

I will create some links here for the various views.  However, before I start, I highlight that each view is consistent with the full model.  In other words, if you see a relationship in a view, that same relationship exists in the full model.  None of the views are “customized” with “special hidden properties.”  Each is simply a subset that removes extra complexity.

Typically I created a view in order to deliver a part of the full model to a single stakeholder.  My stakeholders were people trying to make sense of the vast array of information about an enterprise, and they struggled with how different elements relate to one another.  However, only a tiny few people cared about every area of the model.  So I would interview them to ask what terms they were interested in, and create a view by removing everything EXCEPT those terms.  The result was useful to them.

I hope the views will be useful to you as well.

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  3. (You can see a full list of the views by navigating directly to the model and inspecting the navigation structure)