Arising from the ashes

It is often said that we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.  Nothing can be more true than in building a website that gets hacked and destroyed.

That was the fate of the first EBMM website.  I created the site somewhere around eight years ago, and was fairly unfamiliar with WordPress at the time.  I even used one of the default templates (yuck!).  I didn’t close security holes, and didn’t keep the templates up to date.  Bad choices.  Now, I’m paying the price by needing to recreate the site from scratch.

The site you see is quite spare.  This I know.  I’m working to add content and make it more useful, and I appreciate any feedback you may have on how to do that.

As I get closer to making this all work, you will see notes added in this section of the site.  I may also post notes on how to better use the model and how the model evolves.  We shall see.

This site and maintaining the EBMM is a volunteer effort.  If you’d like to help, let me know.

— Nick Malik